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Workforce General


Workforce General is a cloud-based recruitment solution that makes finding talent easy. Applicants can easily find job listings and apply directly towards an open position. Administration will have full control over interview scheduling and applicant sorting, and applicant flags can be enabled to allow applicants to be divided based on qualification. Old applicants will be archived for record keeping purposes. Administration can easily create a full stable of job listings that can be turned off and on as turnover requires.

Workforce General on various devices


  1. Create lists of all your available positions and display those jobs to the world. Easily integrate your job listings with your existing website or use the standard website provided by Workforce General.
  2. Allow applicants to easily apply online for your positions. Collect electronically all resume submissions and manage application data.
  3. Schedule and manage an interview calendar for all your applicants. Use the built in commication tools to send interview requests and schedule confirmations.
  4. Streamline the onboarding process by using the built in Workforce General electronic forms. Build and customization your own forms as needed by your organization.